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Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Soufriere, St. Lucia

Tambor Beach, Costa Rica


Brockville Railway Tunnel, Brockville, ON

When visiting the town of Brockville for the very first time, I was immediately drawn to the stunning architecture, memorials, sculptures, historical plaques, charming downtown core, and picturesque waterfront yet, I must say, I was most captivated by the Brockville Train Tunnel.

Built in the mid 1800’s, this was Canada’s first railway tunnel. The Brockville and Ottawa Railway was eventually absorbed by CPR and the tunnel used by steam engines and diesel trains. No longer operational in the 1980’s, the rails and ties were sold and the 1,730 foot tunnel was turned over to the city of Brockville. In 2016, the tunnel underwent a major reconstruction which, as of August 2017, now allows locals and tourists alike to walk underground from the south portal to the north portal.

To appreciate the historical significance of the tunnel is one thing but to actually walk through the tunnel is an indescribable experience. With a sophisticated lighting system, music, authentic tunnel interior, and illusion of a ghost train, this is a one of a kind experience. Whether visiting during the day or after dark, the Brockville Railway Tunnel provides a truly compelling experience. I had the opportunity to be alone in the tunnel for just a moment at night and it was a truly surreal and magical experience. Don’t be surprised if a local resident asks you if it is your first time in the tunnel as the awestruck response is easily recognized. While the charm of Brockville definitely warrants an overnight or weekend stay, if you are short on time it is definitely worth just checking out this free and dynamic attraction if you are anywhere near the area.

Happy travels, J&B





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