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Social Media Consultation and Tailored Content

Do you have a strong presence on the social media platforms most frequented by your target audience?

Have you determined an annual strategy and are you reviewing your measuring your effectively regularly to make adjustments?

What type of methods are you using to address your slow season?

Our mission is to attract travellers to your community and to provide you with the online tools to continue to share their experiences with others. Whether writing for a company blog, promoting special events or creating social media content we aim to present the same genuine message expected by our followers. Depending on your needs we are able to provide a wide range of services ranging from just an initial consultation, to designing a social media marketing plan, training in-house staff on content management, or managing your ongoing social media needs remotely. We welcome the opportunity to work rental property owners, hotels, B&Bs, resorts, hostels, restaurants, spas, tour companies, transportation vendors, and businesses specializing in travel bookings travel clothing and travel supplies.

Guest Services

Did you know there is a huge disconnect between how well businesses think they are doing and how satisfied their customers really are?

Have you implemented a solid system for customer feedback and are you getting honest input?

What type of comments is your business getting on review sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp?

Based on the customer service standards, set out for the Ontario Tourism Education Council’s Service Excellence program, and our experience as travellers we are happy to provide recommendations for continuous improvement or enhancements. Similar to the concept of a Mystery Shopper, our Secret Guest services provide you with feedback regarding your product / service, customer experience, online reputation, and outline recommendations for improvement.

Business Brand Promotion

Would you like feedback on newly released products / services?

Are you interested in aligning with a company with complimentary values?

Whether on vacation or in our home community we welcome the opportunity to test your products or services and, if genuinely satisfied, promote it on our various social media platforms. We will work with customers to provide genuine product reviews, blog posts and social media outreach to promote products or services that parallel our travel philosophy. When assessing the need for each article that goes into our carry on backpacks, we are committed to quick dry clothing, regular hand washing and simple, compact items. Our willingness to test and promote these types of products will determine their compliment to a more modest type of travel. Current reviews can be viewed on our website under Blog Reviews – Products and Services and on our Pinterest Product Reviews board.

Experiential Promotion Opportunities

Are you interested in having your business highlighted on our website?

Would you like coverage of your community events, affiliate companies or history?

Our affiliation with the International Travel Writer’s Alliance and a Senior Contributor on Trip advisor portray the love for providing authentic reviews of our travel experiences through travel blogs and reviews. Recognition of our contribution to travel writing was recently noted through our nomination for the 2014 Schmitzie’ Canadian Weblog Awards. With our reputation at stake we will only promote accommodations, dining establishments, tours and attractions that “wowed” us with quality, customer service, uniqueness and passion. If you are interested in promoting ‘the local experience’ in your community and are interested in having us share this with our audience contact us for further details. When we promote your community we promote you!

Personal Branding / Creating a Positive Digital Footprint

Does your online presence position you for desired employment / promotion opportunities?

Have you successfully determined ‘your brand’ highlighting your values, attributes and aspirations?

Are you connecting with groups, companies and persons of interest in your field to increase your visibility?

Have you determined your personal marketing plan for the next year on each platform?

Can I imagine you in your desired job based on your profile picture?

With over 30 years experience in the career counselling / employment field we can assist you with developing a professional image on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Whether you are a professional, career changer, recent grad or just trying to ensure that recruiters / your current employer will see you as a desirable candidate we can provide a cost efficient, critical analysis of your current online image and provide invaluable tips on ‘how to shine online’.

House Sitting

Do you need a trustworthy couple to look after your home or animals while you are away?

With advanced notice we will consider short term house sitting assignments, up to a maximum of one month in Canada, USA, Europe and the Caribbean. We are proud of the feedback given by rental property owners after our visit and are looking for the opportunity to limit vacation costs while also promoting the local experience in your community through travel writing. We have experience with domestic pets and are willing to consider caring for other animals with clear instruction (no snakes, spiders or bearded dragons please). Reliable internet access, a safe neighbourhood, easy access to local transportation and airport transfers is mandatory. If you are seeking a reliable, trustworthy couple to care for your property, plants and pets feel free to contact us by phone or email and we would be happy to further discuss the feasibility of such an arrangement.



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