Statue Of Liberty, New York City, USA

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Soufriere, St. Lucia

Tambor Beach, Costa Rica


Salz Welten Salt Mine, Hallstatt, Austria

Salzwelten, the oldest salt mine in the world, was undeniably the favorite attraction during our three week vacation in Europe. The 30 euro fee included the cable car ride, burial area, heritage lookout, and salt mine tour. The cable car ride up the mountain revealed a stunning scene with the valley and Lake Hallstatt. Be mindful that the journey has only begun and, as you make your way to the World Heritage Lookout, be prepared to amazed as you embrace an above the clouds experience with unforgettable panoramic views. If there is poor visibility due to cloud cover, be patient and check again after your mine tour. A few minutes can make all the difference in the world for your view, photos, and experience. The burial exhibit and various pillars highlighting significant historical information were unexpected additions to the tour. Crisp mountain air, the clanging bell drawing your attention to playful goats in the meadow, and the feeling of peacefulness as you make your way toward the salt mine heightened the enjoyment of the experience.

Once we arrived at the mine, we  were given suits to protect our clothes from being damaged and our tushes from potential splinters. The tour, available in both German and English, was engaging and interesting and our guide was entertaining.  While there is a great deal of interesting history and geological significance associated with the mine and Hallstatt, there is no denying that sliding down the mine shafts was the highlight of tour. Before leaving, we visited the gift shop to view many products and purchased flavored  table salts including mozzarella, garlic, chili, and pepper steak. The salt mine, only a 5 minute walk away from the tour bus drop off point in Hallstatt, is a truly unique and intriguing site with endless photo opportunities.

Happy travels, J&B


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