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30 Tips for Staying Sane Before Your Vacation

When it comes to planning a trip, no matter how organized you are, there are always last minute details. Sometimes these tasks may take longer than anticipated. If you want to decrease your stress level before a vacation, getting organized four weeks prior to your holiday can help combat the pre-vacation jitters. We have compiled a checklist to calm your nerves and help keep you on track:


  1. Write a list for your house sitter / pet sitter / babysitter highlighting all important details and contact information.
  2. Contact your bank and credit card companies to let them know when and where you will be travelling, to avoid access to funds being frozen due to suspicious activity.
  3. View the baggage requirements for all airlines you will be travelling on. If there is more than one carrier, choose the smallest baggage allowance to make sure you are in compliance for every flight.
  4. Research and purchase the most appropriate package for travel insurance.
  5. Contact your rental property host(s) to clarify key access and other details.
  6. Research transit options from the airport. Screenshot a map of your neighbourhood and building exterior so you are familiar with your surroundings. If you find yourself lost, you can show it to others in the neighbourhood.
  7. If you are anticipating a possible language barrier, translate your hotel/resort name or rental property address into their native language. This will make asking for directions easier  for everyone.
  8. Look for hotel parking deals or print off coupons for airport parking.
  9. Remove photos and videos from your mobile devices leaving plenty of space for travel pictures.
  10. Contact your phone company to determine the best mobile package for you.
  11. Pre-book popular attractions in advance. For some attractions, like the top of the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey and the Last Supper tour in Milan, you may need to book weeks or months in advance.
  12. Purchase the appropriate currency.
  13. Finalize details with your car rental company. Screen shot maps from one location to the next in the event that you find yourself in a dead-zone and unable to utilize a GPS or access data.
  14. Leave your most precious jewellery at home. Consider substituting your wedding ring for costume jewellery. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t take it.
  15. Launder and put aside the clothes you most enjoy wearing on holidays at least a week in advance. This saves you from scrabbling in your final days.
  16. Pack and weigh your desired items. After a few days, review your choices and try to remove a couple of items.
  17. Contract someone for lawn maintenance, snow removal and mail pick up so your house continues to look lived in during your absence.
  18. Ensure all your bills are paid in advance. If you have similar charges each month, you might even consider paying a month in advance to avoid interest charges.
  19. Pack both prescription and non-prescription medication. If refills are required, contact your physician.
  20. Speak to your bank to determine if there are transaction free banks along your travel path.
  21. Pack something to do for your long flight.
  22. If appropriate, purchase or renew your international drivers licence.
  23. Research the location (s) you will be visiting regarding customs, laws, clothing requirements and so on.
  24. Locate all chargers and cords for electronics.
  25. Research the weather to determine how many seasons you need to pack for.
  26. Make a list of all confirmation numbers and details for flights, rooms and car rentals. Have an electronic or hard copy version readily accessible.
  27. Purchase pet food, treats and litter to ensure your pet sitter is well supplied.
  28. Stop grocery shopping a few weeks in advance. Try and clear out your fridge as much as possible to avoid unwanted spoilage in your absence.
  29. Check the country voltage and purchase / pack appropriate adapters.
  30. Purchase and pack snacks for your carry on luggage. Airport food can be expensive, unhealthy and difficult to access depending on your departure / arrival time.

Most important of all, have a great time!

Happy travels, J&B

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